About Vitalysis

At Vitalysis our mission is to make healthcare accessible for everyone. With the opening of our first location, we are bringing medical testing services to southern Illinois in a convenient, safe, and respectful environment. We put the patient experience first because we want to be your partner in your healthcare journey. 
As we grow, we’ll be incorporating additional service lines. For our patients, this means access to testing and services that allow each patient to live their life to the fullest, with clear concise medical results.

About Vitalysis
Vitalysis is the culmination of years of healthcare experience. Our staff of experience healthcare providers, from around the region, noticed patients were experiencing a gap in their healthcare. Vitalysis is a locally owned and operated medical testing facility that offers testing services to individuals and families with no insurance or high deductible insurance plans, or to any individual who wants more access to the health information they need to make the best decision for their care.
Being locally owned and operated means that our patients get their results faster, with most test results available the next day. This allows our patients the ability to make decisions regarding their health quickly and accurately. Your health is our priority and that means we will be available, without requiring an appointment and with a pricing structure that makes getting the testing you need accessible.

Don’t put off getting the results you need for another moment. Visit Vitalysis today to start living your best life.